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Hello there. :'D

Name: Cat
Where are you from: Singapore
Are you Cantonese: 100%
Have you ever lived in Hong Kong or Guangdong: Yeah... HK. Went over to SG when I was 3. I go back once a year, though - the food is the best! :D
What's your favorite Cantonese food? Well I like a lot of things... if you're talking about Dim Sum, it's gotta be 鳳爪... (phoenix talons/chicken feet in black bean sauce, I guess).
What's your favorite Cantopop song? Hmmmm... anything by Hacken Lee. I listen to mostly j-pop, actually.
What's your favorite Cantonese movie? Stephen Chow's 食神 and 国產凌凌漆... okay, most of his shows. They're really something. :P Although his new movie is less crude...
Anything else you'd want to tell us about yourself: I speak English/Cantonese/Mandarin, but I'm average at Chinese... I haven't written a single Chinese character in years (well except when I had to write my name when I renewed my 回鄉證 - even then, my hand wasn't co-operating -__-") Well... I like watching anime, listening to some j-pop and game/anime soundtracks. And I'm currently obsessed with the Nintendo DS. It'll be nice to make some friends with common interests.

Ah, okay, I don't know what else to say... but I'm glad to have stumbled upon a Cantonese community. :D
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