magic metal men does not a robot make (xiayu) wrote in guangdong,
magic metal men does not a robot make


Name? Jason Louie(雷)
Where are you from? I was born in Seattle.
Are you Cantonese? My grandparents(on my father's side) are from Guangdong, my father was born in Hong Kong.
Have you ever lived in Hong Kong or Guangdong? No, I visited Hong Kong in June for 2 weeks though.
What's your favorite Cantonese food? As far as dim sum goes I would say Zhaliang
What's your favorite Cantopop song? I'm not sure I've heard any?
What's your favorite Cantonese movie? Infernal Affairs I, II and II. I also like Kar Wai Wong, and my favorite Chinese actor is Tony (Chiu Wai) Leung.
Anything else you'd want to tell us about yourself! I don't really know any Cantonese, other than how to order food at dim sum.
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