jimykid86 (jimykid86) wrote in guangdong,


Name? My name is Jimmy Vo. Where are you from? I am from California, USA. Are you Cantonese? I am Vietnamese... =) Have you ever lived in Hong Kong or Guangdong? I wish to visit Hong Kong someday!  I want to see the famous actors and actresses at work filming their latest series! What's your favorite Cantonese food? 點心 is pretty unique and good to eat What's your favorite Cantopop song? I love listening to Cantonese songs like the classic songs by Jacky Cheung to Cantopop songs by Eason Chan, Kay Tse, and Juno Mak. What's your favorite Cantonese movie? I like to watch the old Stephen Chow series.  They are hilarious! Anything else you'd want to tell us about yourself!  I am Vietnamese and its connection to Cantonese is staggering.  That is why I am learning Cantonese now.  I have been devoting my time learning it since September 2009 till now.  It has been three months already and I can see a lot of improvement in my self.  I know how to speak about 300 words and write about 50 words.  My next goal is to get to 1000 words and write about 300 words.  Well, if you are learning Cantonese/Mandarin, you should send me a message.  We can update on our Cantonese learning progress.
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