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Are you a native Cantonese speaker, have friends or relatives who speak Cantonese, hail from Hong Kong or the Guang Dong area, or are just interested in Cantonese and Cantonese culture? Come on in and join the discussion! Posting in both English and Chinese is accepted and welcome.

Chinese Junk in Kowloon Harbor

Please be nice; no flaming or insulting is allowed. Questions can be directed to the moderator. All kinds of posting having to do with Cantonese or Hong Kong (text, images, music samples, and whatever else) are encouraged, though if it's of a sensitive nature, please LJ-cut. Thanks, and have fun!

If you'd like, please fill out this survey after you join!

Where are you from?
Are you Cantonese?
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Anything else you'd want to tell us about yourself!

My name is Gerald and I'm currently living in Tokyo, Japan. I'm 100% Cantonese =P. My mom's side of the family hails from the island of Cheung Chau about 30 minutes out from Hong Kong island in the New Territories, and my dad's side of the family is from Kowloon. I've never lived in Hong Kong, but I think I'm pretty much your typical Chinese-American who harbors dreams of going back to Hong Kong one day and working there, maybe not for too long but so that I can get this itch of "I wanna go back to Hong Kong" off my brain.

Unfortunately, though I'm fluent in spoken Cantonese, I can't read Chinese at all. I took 2 years of Mandarin in college but that hasn't done much for me in the reading or writing department. I do read, write, and speak Japanese, so I can decipher Chinese if need be, but it's a painful experience that makes my head want to explode so I try to avoid it ^^;

I'm not really into Hong Kong movies but I am a big Cantopop fan. My favorite artists include Gigi Leung, Ekin Cheng and Beyond (Cantorock? o.o) My brother is into the martial arts film thing, but that's not really my cup of tea. I am, however, a huge lover of Cantonese food. Bring on the dim sum!

I've been searching for a while and noticed there was no LJ community exclusively dealing with Cantonese/Hong Kong and our culture, so this is an attempt to reach out some "feelers" and see what Cantonese speakers or people interested in Cantonese exist out on LJ. Come on in!


Must see weblog/photolog of a "big white guy" living in Hong Kong

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